With the International Olympic Committee on the brink of announcing which cities are finalists in competing for the 2012 Olympic Games, Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff is under the spotlight, as NYC 2012, NYC's bid for the games, was his brainchild. The Times profiled Doctoroff yesterday, giving him credit for "outlining" Mayor Bloomberg's plans for Lower Manhattan as well as for developing downtown Brookly and "rezoning of industrial Williamsburg for housing development," leading many to wonder if they can blame Doctoroff for the hipster invasion. Doctoroff is a modern day Renaissance Man, as he's also good at PowerPoint presentations.

One study says that another pet project of Doctoroff's, the new proposed Jets stadium, would be best on Manhattan's West Side, rather than in Queens, because the West Side location would earn $8 million more in annual revenue. Not that it matters, since the city wants the stadium in Manhattan, but Gothamist would be curious to learn how much the city would save if they developed the stadium in Queen.

Other cities in the running for the 2012 Olympic games: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. GamesBids.com released an index of these cities' chances, with Paris, Rio, London, and NYC looking very strong. Gothamist on NYC's Olympic big logo.