Democratic front runner and former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer will start his advertising campaign tomorrow, according to the NY Times. This would make Ferrer the first of the Democratic hopefuls to compete with TV and radio, with what his campaign calls a "substantial" ad buy while his rivals' campaigns say the ad buy is "modest" (tens of thousands of dollars). Well, everything is modest compared to what Mayor Bloomberg is spending! But the Daily News points out that City Council Speaker Gifford Miller has purchased $1 million of advertising in the week before the September 13 primary; Miller has also raised the most money of the Democratic contenders. It sounds like Ferrer is attempting to develop name recognition with a steady media presence for a longer period whereas Miller may simply try to blanket the area with his message in the final moments, though Ferrer is probably going to increase his media by the primary. Gothamist gives the edge to Ferrer with this decision, because we suspect Bloomberg has helped his approval ratings with his seemingly constant advertising in the past few months. And we doubt C. Virginia Fields and Anthony Weiner will advertise much to make a blip.

And Mayor Bloomberg went to the Catskills to practice his comedy and win some votes. And judging from his humor, he's still not htat funny but he may have charmed some voters.