Mayor de Blasio got elected promising to enact a wave of progressive legislation. The New York Post has made oodles of money being opposed to progressive legislation and attacking liberal New York City politicians (and also sports coverage). It was bound to be a match made in Hell, a relationship that could best be described by this poster for the Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler rom-com The Ugly Truth. Look at them! They'll never get along. But while their relationship has been contentious, the mayor has opened a new front in his fight with the Post, refusing to even answer a question from their City Hall reporter because he thinks the Post is a fake news outlet. Bill, rethink this.

The drama went down at a press conference yesterday, when the mayor refused to call on the Post's City Hall bureau chief, Yoav Gonen. "I’m calling on real media outlets," he told Gonen, while skipping his question.

De Blasio was believed to be angry about this Post story about his office being full of "special assistants" that he's had on the city payroll as a way to keep campaign staff around until the 2017 election. Or maybe he's angry that they have a section online called The Rotting Apple, that is at the moment, hilariously full of pictures of him looking angry or befuddled.

Discussing his decision later, the mayor didn't sound too apologetic about the whole thing, telling the Times that "I think it’s important, as the leader of this city, to say out loud what so many people already know. The Post’s approach has gotten worse and worse.”

Fine, so he doesn't like the Post. There tabloid manufactures plenty of dehumanizing intellectually bankrupt homeless baiting that they should be ashamed of, but there's also dogged metro reporting. They've been a local institution for a couple of centuries and part of being the mayor involves having to talk to them. Instead of being snippy, de Blasio could have answered whatever question Gonen had and moved on with his life. Hell, he could have even answered it in a snippy manner if he wanted to. Then maybe I'd be blogging about this ludicrous self-own Eric Ulrich tweeted while trying to establish himself as a regular Joe.

Instead, I'm blogging about how everyone is mad at the mayor:

What did de Blasio expect, all the other political reporters in New York would give him high fives? They're not stupid, after all. If they let the mayor decide what a real news outlet is, they all know that when animate pile of hair gel Donald Trump, Jr. is mayor he's only going to let reporters from Fox News, Infowars and Stormfront ask him questions at his press conferences. It's a shitty precedent to set, and yes, as the Post suggests, he's acting like a big tall baby.