The Post says that David Blaine has has lost 25 pounds (sometimes riding his bike in Central Park) as he gets ready for his next stunt. And what is the stunt? A jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, which would be a reprisal of a stunt by Steve Brodie who jumped into the East River while tied up in the 19th century. The thing is, Brodie didn't jump - a dummy was thrown off instead.

The NY Post reported last year that Blaine would hang from suspension wires, but there's one thing standing in the way: Permission from the city. We can imagine parents needing to revise the ol' "If your friend jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?" line. And we loved the Best Week Ever blog's other Blaine stunt ideas: "Getting on the Wrong Express Train" and "Salad Bar Hell."

The drop from the Brooklyn Bridge to the East River is 135 feet. David Blaine most recently spun in a gyroscope a block from Times Square and spent a week in a big water-filled sphere last May.

And no, Blaine's not planning on jumping off the bridge in his sphere or placing the sphere on the bridge - we just Photoshopped the above image together.