Earlier this week New York's DMV proudly announced that it would no longer require drivers to come in for a vision test when renewing their licenses. Because, y'know, if grams says she can drive then clearly she can drive! But that was earlier this week. Trusty sources are now reporting that Governor Andrew Cuomo is putting the brakes on the plan (which actually went into effect yesterday).

We haven't been able to get confirmation of the change from the Governor's office but people against self-certification are already touting their victory: “With this decision, Governor Cuomo has put New York back on the road toward safety,” Transportation Alternatives’ Executive Director Paul Steely White said in a statement. “Ending the vision tests would have put millions of people in harm’s way. New Yorkers will applaud the Governor’s U-turn on this policy.

Considering the thousands of car-related accidents that occur in New York State every year, making sure that drivers can actually see the road (and aren't just saying they can) seems a prudent move to us!