If there's one guarantee in weather forecasting it's that you're going to be wrong. Earlier in the week it looked like we were going to have very pleasant weather this holiday weekend, but that forecast is but a dream now. Hey, at least we aren't cluelessly offensive and wrong. Anyway, this morning's cloud layer should soon dissipate as the humid air near the ground mixes with dry air above, leaving us with a mostly sunny afternoon with a high in the lower 80s.

The weekend weather is looking kind of jumbled. High pressure will move offshore tonight to be replaced tomorrow by a trough of low pressure up above and a dying cold front near the ground. A trough and front would add up to clouds and rain but the front is weak so we'll likely have a mixed bag of sun, clouds and a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. It's going to get warm ahead of that front, with Saturday's high expected to reach the upper 80s.

The cold front isn't going to so much pass through the region as stall and die when it arrives. While that will bring cooler weather, Sunday's high will be in the low 80s and Monday's closer to 80, it also means an unsettled atmosphere. With nothing to do on a long Labor Day weekend the atmosphere will act out just like bored teenagers and we'll be faced with an ever present chance of thunderstorms Saturday through Tuesday.