The Brooklyn man who is accused of keeping a woman he met on Craigslist as a "sex slave" in his apartment pleaded not guilty to a 62-count indictment, as jurors heard about his alleged "slave rules." John Hopkins is on trial for allegedly raping and imprisoning a 27-year-old Wisconsin woman last month, a relationship which Hopkins has insisted was a consensual S&M relationship which began over a year ago. But the Judge in the case said yesterday that even something that starts as consensual S&M can turn into criminal behavior.

Judge Patricia DiMango posited that both Hopkins and his alleged victim have varying degrees of mental instabilities: "In these types of situations, with the facts presented by both sides, both the consensual and criminal can co-exist. At some point, it can change to a situation where no means no. There comes a time when [such actions] are not playful fun any more and they become dangerous — criminally dangerous." She went on to clarify her statements: "I’m not denying that at some point and at some time this abuse and torture was consensual."

Meanwhile, prosecutors went through a long list of the alleged crimes Hopkins put his victim through. Among those slave rules, they say that Hopkins repeatedly flogged the woman, a sushi chef at a well-known Japanese restaurant, and kept her chained to a radiator against her will as he came and went as he chose. They also said that Hopkins called the woman "b—-h" and "slut" and forced her to drink large amounts of water while forbidding her from relieving herself. The judge refused to lower the bail for Hopkins, which stands at $350,000; the case was adjorned till April 19th.