Photograph of the coyote near Damrosch Park by David Torres

A coyote—likely the same one who emerged on Wednesday and again yesterday—was spotted again on the Upper West Side last night. But this time the urbane canid decided to wander out of his comfort zone and check out Morningside Heights: NY State Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell said his husband saw it near West 113th Street.

The coyote was also spotted in the 80s in Riverside Park:

Cops were also searching around 102nd Street:

Another person claimed it was back near Grant's Tomb:

Runner's World editor Tish Hamilton Tweeted:

The Parks Department reminded New Yorkers that coyotes are not usually dangerous to people, with these tips:

The "Five Easy Tips for Coexisting with Coyotes":

1. Do Not Feed Coyotes. Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexistence. Their life and your safety depend upon coyotes remaining naturally wary of people.

2. Remove Attractants. Store food, pet food, and garbage in animal proof containers. Do not leave food or garbage behind in a park.

3. Supervise Pets. Walk dogs on a leash and keep cats inside for safety.

4. Keep Coyotes Wary. If you are approached, act big and make loud noises until the coyote retreats.

4. Appreciate Coyotes. From a distance. Stay at least 150 feet (45 meters) or more from the animal.

Coyotes that approach humans may be sick—the coyote in Norwood, NJ that bit a man turned out to be rabid!

Update: NBC New York has footage of the coyote happily running down Riverside Drive at 98th Street. He's in the middle of the street!