2007_05_seatbelt.jpgNJ Governor Jon Corzine voluntarily paid the $46 fine for not buckling his seat belt in the crash that left him critically injured almost three weeks ago. Apparently state police superintendent Col. Joseph R. Fuentes was the one who issued the ticket, which included the fine and court costs. The spokesman for the state police told the Times, "It’s been a good amount of time since the superintendent issued a summons." Well, given that Fuentes had to backtrack about the accident, later revealing that the governor's SUV had been traveling at a scorching 91 MPH, it's only fitting that he did the issuing.

The NJ resident, Larry Angel, who had issued a citizen's complaint about the governor's non-buckling ways withdrew his complaint as well, as most people were mollified by the governor's contrition. The AAA said Corzine not only paid a fine but "pologized for it, setting an admirable example in the process, not only for New Jersey but also for the country."

And there are two panels investigating the accident. The Times says on, which includes former NJ governor Christie Todd Whitman, will focus on the "Executive Protection Unit, the elite cadre of state troopers assigned to drive the governor and provide security for him," while the other is an "internal state police review, to determine whether the accident could have been prevented." Right - like, how necessary was Corzine's presence at the governor's mansion for the Imus-Rutgers women's basketball team meeting.