While the police touted the DNA evidence found on plastic ties (originally used on computer equipment) links Falls bouncer Darryl Littlejohn to the murder of Imette St. Guillen, the police's case may not be that strong. The NY Times reports that the police are still gathering evidence for the case where most of the evidence is circumstantial - even though there has been a lot of to examine. The Post looks at how the blood left on the ties was "invisible." Of course, Littlejohn's lawyer is upset that the police didn't disclose the information to him, going to the media instead and says that it'll be hard to "find twelve impartial jurors." The Brooklyn DA's office, though, is forging ahead, going to present evidence to a sitting grand jury today. And the State Liquor Authority has stopped its investigation of the Falls (over hiring ex-con Littlejohn, which is against the law) while the NYPD is still investigating the murder.

The Daily News has a piece on Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and his prosecutor Kenneth Taub, who is presenting the case; plus, here's a useful diagram from the Manhattan DA's office about the grand jury process. And proceeds from a Dodgeball tournament in two weekends at the Chinatown Y will go to the Justice For Imette Charity Fund.

Image from WABC 7