marchiondo.jpgA female transit officer was shot several times and a gunman was killed yesterday evening on a subway platform in the Bronx. CBS2 reports that three plainclothes transit officers spotted two men traveling between subway cars at around 5:20 pm and removed them from the train at the 176th St. station on the 4 line. As they walked down the platform, one of the men, 51-year-old Juan Calves, put officer Annmarie Marchiondo in a headlock and pulled out a hidden 9mm pistol and began firing at the other two officers, who returned fire. Calves was killed in the exchange and Marchiondo was struck three times in the ankle, the foot, and in the side, just below her protective vest.

Officer Marchiondo is a 17-year veteran of the NYPD and was hospitalized in stable condition Friday night. According to WNBC that the two officers, who fired 13 shots in all during the exchange, rushed to carry her down the stairs of the elevated platform after the shooting. "They were determined to help this lady," the story quotes one witness as saying. Galves was free on parole after serving time for manslaughter, robbery, and attempt to promote prison contraband. The manslaughter conviction was related to a prison killing that occurred while he was in Attica.

The New York Times spoke to witnesses who described the scene during the shooting as pandemonium, with rush hour commuters on one of the most crowded subway lines in the city scattering as nearly twenty shots were fired on the elevated platform. The man detained with Juan Galves reportedly backed against a wall after his companion put Marchiondo in the headlock and began shooting. The Times also adds that police authorities said that the work of plainclothes officers on trains is a linchpin of its strategy to reduce subway crime. People detained for passing between cars sometimes have outstanding warrants or are carrying weapons, as was Galves.