UPDATE: A Jet Blue spokesperson informs us that the terminal was only partially evacuated; full updates below.

The security check point at JFK airport's Terminal 5 was briefly evacuated on Thursday morning due to what officials say was an unattended bag.

NBC 4reported that a TSA dog sniffed out a suspicious bag at the Hawaiian Air check-in counter on Thursday morning, leading the airport to clear the area for investigation. A Port Authority official could not confirm that detail, but told Gothamist an unattended bag had been left in the terminal around 9 a.m., prompting the partial evacuation. In a statement, Morgan Johnston—JetBlue corporate communications manager—noted that, "while customers were moved out of the security checkpoint, the terminal was not evacuated." Those who had already cleared security were allowed to remain inside.

On Twitter, would-be passengers attested to "confusion" and scant information about the situation as they waited outside in the cold.

Still, travelers were readmitted to the building by roughly 9:30, making for a very crowded security area. By 9:37, the terminal had fully reopened, according to Port Authority.

We'll update as more information becomes available, but for now, consider this the first of many possible horrors the day may hold for travelers.