08berthashark.jpgThe New York Aquarium is mourning the loss of Bertha (pictured), their 43-year-old sand tiger shark who has resided in its waters since 1965. While their average life spans aren't known, Bertha was believed to have been the longest living sand tiger shark in any aquarium.

Though just announced today, Bertha actually died on Saturday when she was euthanized. Marine biologist at the Coney Island aquarium, Hans Walters, said “It was a rough decision to have to lose this animal,” whose health had been declining over the last month despite treatments.

Necropsy results for the over 7-ft long and 250-lb shark, which will determine the health problems, are not yet in. Currently there are 8 other sharks living in the 90,000-gallon tank.

Photo via the New York Aquarium.