Last night, the four Democratic candidates for City Comptroller met for a debate to show why he or she should be in charge of ensuring the city's financial health. The Daily News explains, "With just days to go before Tuesday's primary, the race to become the city's top financial official is still a nail-biter, with three of the four candidates tied in the polls. Only two would be eligible for a runoff if no one takes at least 40% of the vote."

NY1, which televised the debate (watch it here), says City Councilman David Weprin attacked early, noting that two rivals voted to extend term limits, "Melinda Katz and David Yassky voted to overturn your rights." City Councilman John Liu went after Yassky, too, "You've given out more discretionary funding, more than 48 out of 51 council members. And now in the middle of the campaign, you want to eliminate, ban discretionary funding." Liu was hit for his claims of working in a sweat shop; Weprin said, "What has he done to prevent child-labor violations from happening?" And Weprin also said of Katz, "How can you be independent of the real estate industry when your finance committee, which is on your website, is a who's who on the Real Estate Board of New York?"

The NY Times thought the lightning round had "Some of the best information of the night... Among the revelations: all the comptroller candidates have gambled at a casino; all but one, Ms. Katz, have bounced a check; and Mr. Yassky is apparently the biggest fan of Beyoncé among them. Asked if they had ever been audited by the I.R.S., Mr. Yassky said, 'I don’t believe so, no.' Only Mr. Weprin said he had. The candidates were evenly split on the question of whether Derek Jeter was the greatest Yankee ever; Ms. Katz threw her arms up at the question." They all "gave mixed grades" to current Comptoller William Thompson.