2006_10_kicker.jpgThe Columbia Spectator reports that a person is clearly seen kicking a protester from last week's chaotic Minutemen even at Columbia. Video shown on Univision - and later posted on YouTube - shows a Minuteman supporter wearing a dark baseball cap kicking a protester, who was bleeding. And the Spectator points out that he looks a lot like the man seen in this Village Voice picture from a Minutemen protest in the city in June. The various videos from the events are like Columbia's version of the Zapruder film - students and officials seem to be going through them with a fine tooth comb to understand what happened and who's to blame. For instance, from the Spectator:

An unidentified young man is seen violently tearing down a white banner held by several students. While it had been speculated that this was Chris Kulawik, CC '08, president of the College Republicans and a Spectator columnist, this individual is shown dressed in a black shirt and pants, not the suit jacket and maroon shirt Kulawik was wearing.

In other news, Columbia students are receiving hate mail and death threats, given the extreme media focus on the event. And the university's student body passed a free speech resolution ("the Student Body of Columbia University has a right to invite speakers with varied points of view to campus, and it is unacceptable within our community, to take away someone else's right to express their opinions and viewpoints."), as questions about the level of security and motives of chosing certain speakers remained.