200711jmj.jpgLast week marked the five year anniversary of the murder of Jam Master Jay, who was shot and killed at his studio in Queens the night before Halloween 2002. The slaying was one of many that went unspoken about by witnesses, all of whom follow the "no snitching" rule. However, The Daily News has just talked to someone who is breaking this absurd code of silence.

Randy Allen, the iconic turntablist's longtime business partner, told the Daily News the inked-up killer embraced the hip-hop pioneer before pulling out a gun and putting a bullet in his head.

"Jay looked up at the guy to say what's up," Allen, 41, said. "And the next thing you know, a shot goes off."

This account is a first since the murder, and Allen goes on to give details from the night. Jay was apparently taking a break and playing video games when the (two) gunmen came in, Allen's sister was one of the few in the studio and ordered to the floor at gunpoint, and most important to solving the crime: the man who shot Jay had a large tattoo on his neck.

The man who put a gun to Allen's sister's head was Ronald (Tinard) Washington, who to date has been the only suspect named in the case. Also noted in the article is that Allen himself "was at one time accused of ordering the deejay's death to collect on an insurance policy," though he has been cooperating with investigators in this case. Interesting that the only person talking was once accused of wanting to kill Jam Master Jay?

Photo of Jam Master Jay street art in Queens via Urch's flickr.