As is customary for late March, the city might get some snow for the second time this week. And as if the roads weren't bad enough as it is right now, the city has issued a travel advisory telling both drivers and pedestrians to take care on the streets and sidewalks since the extra precipitation will make whatever cleared off areas slippery all over again.

A mix of rain and snow was expected to fall on the city in the morning, followed by afternoon rain, which would then be followed by evening snow, all resulting in two to four inches of snow, according to a press release from the city's Emergency Management Department.

“We’re expecting snow Saturday that could cause slippery road conditions. New Yorkers are asked to allow for extra travel time and exercise caution when driving, walking, or biking," NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito said in a statement announcing the advisory. If you are in fact biking in this weather, you have my eternal respect, as I've come class to completely wiping out the last two days.

While it's (comparatively) pleasant enough at the moment, the forecast today still calls for at least an inch of snow, and possibly two, so still be prepared to take it east out there.

For drivers, EMD recommends that you drive slowly, stick to major streets whenever possible and keep the name and phone number of a tow truck company handy in case you get stuck. If you're out there walking, they recommend you step carefully (perhaps learn to penguin walk), layer up and wear boots. Hopefully, you have boots. Apropos of nothing, given that this is a totally normal weather forecast and everything, Mets' Opening Day is merely sixteen days away.