The city has stopped a developer from completing a large rooftop addition in Carroll Gardens — but that doesn't mean it has any way to force the builder to remove the two stories of steel girders he has already erected.

According to the Daily News, the Department of Building used newly enacted zoning regulations to stop the developer of a long-stalled condo project from finishing a 40-foot rooftop addition. But unless the unfinished rooftop addition becomes a safety hazard, the agency has no way to fine the builder or impose a deadline on the removal of the structure atop 333 Carroll Street, which has come to be known as the "Hell Building."

Neighbors have long protested the condo conversion, which came under fire last year for breaking the old, more lenient zoning rules, according to the blog Pardon Me For Asking. The blog notes that Carroll Gardens residents rallied around the more stringent zoning rules "in order to protect this historical neighborhood from out-of-scale developments such as 333-335 Carroll Street." News that the unsanctioned addition might remain indefinitely irked local residents, according to the Daily News. "It's an eyesore for the whole neighborhood," said Arturo Rivera, who fears the rooftop addition could break apart in a heavy storm. "It's standing up two stories more than anything else and it's not even finished."