Members of Occupy Faith, "a small group of Christians, brought together by our time living at Occupy Wall Street," is asking Brookfield Properties to allow then to host a 24-hour prayer vigil in Zuccotti Park on Christmas Eve. With the assistance of the NYCLU, the group has drafted a letter to city [pdf] officials and Bookfield, detailing the ceremony that will begin "with a midnight service on Christmas Eve and culminate with a closing ceremony at midnight on Christmas Day." Additionally, the vigil calls for Occupy Faith to "bring into the park food for meals as well as bread and sacramental wine for communion," as well as the requisite instruments.

Not surprisingly, Brookfield has yet to respond to the protesters' request, and we've contact the company for comment. Per Occupy Faith's flyer on the event [pdf], it would need Brookfield's permission because much of the vigil's activities would break the current rules in place at Zuccotti. There is some precedent for parks being opened to religious ceremonies: in 1995 Pope John Paul II held mass in Central Park. Not exactly the same thing, but a faith-based event nonetheless.

Christian supporters of Occupy Wall Street have gotten a higher profile recently, given the movement's attempts to take Trinity Wall Street Church-owned Duarte Square on Saturday, the and current and former members of the clergy who were some of the first to be arrested during the demonstration.