In what a reporter for the Post described as an address that "easily could have been a stump speech in the presidential race," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie emphatically told Barack Obama that his state didn't want any stimulus money to hire public employees. "I’ve got plenty as it is, and I don’t need any more, and they’re expensive!” the man drawing a $175,000 salary from New Jersey's taxpayers told the audience. “If the president and the Congress want to spend money on something that will create jobs, then spend money on infrastructure, which builds private-sector jobs,” Christie added. Wait, what happened to Obama's $60 billion infrastructure plan? Oh right, Republicans.

A few weeks back Obama let Americans know that he's a witless rube who has never made hundreds of millions of dollars by cannibalizing corporations and probably has no clue how to open a Swiss bank account by saying the private sector was "fine." But that's only true if you look at "charts" and "evidence."

Christie continued to deny that he's being considered as Mitt Romney's vice presidential nominee, and accused New Jersey Senate Democrats of stymieing tax legislation to prevent his presumed appearance at the GOP convention for "a speech I've not been invited to give." Keep your eyes on Bruce Springteen's tour dates page for a surprise addition of Tampa, Florida on August 30th.