To help you spend the day remembering American soldiers who died in combat, two Canadians have made the following suggestion: get the hell off Facebook already! Tech guys Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee are spreading the gospel of Life After Facebook on, where over 3,000 people have already pledged to kick the habit cold turkey.

The two admit that quitting Facebook isn't easy, saying it's "like quitting smoking. It's hard to stay on the wagon long enough to actually change your habits." They've created the website as something of a support group. But Milan says the benefits of quitting, especially now that Facebook is about as Big Brother-y as ever, far outweigh the risk of never talking to anyone again forever. He reminds people on his blog, "Facebook is a website; it’s NOT the web—and I have a choice about MY data," and even admits, "At this point I’d rather use 4chan to connect with my family and friends than Facebook." Whoa, let's not say anything we don't mean here.

By signing up on the website, you'll be sent a reminder on May 31st to quit your account, though whether or not you go through it with it is entirely up to you. They also recommend a number of other options to help you forget about your addiction—the Nicorettes of the internet, if you will. For mild users they suggest turning to Flickr or Twitter, while heavier users might have to wait for Diaspora* to be up and running. Of course that means 3.5 million New Yorkers would just supplant Facebook with another addiction, but it's not like there's anything else to do in this city.