With about 40% of MTV's airtime devoted to commercials, Gothamist has no choice but to flip around when we're not watching, oh, Newlyweds or Rich Girls. So we only found out that Catherine Zeta Jones was doing a public service announcement for bulimia when we read the Times:

"Sound familiar?" asks a voice with muted Welsh vowels. "If so, you may have bulimia. You cannot flush away your problems. It won't go away until you stop gagging your pain and give it a voice." The short animation, narrated by Catherine Zeta-Jones, is part of the "Face the Issue" campaign: seven public service announcements aimed primarily at adolescents and young adults, in which the voices of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson address eating disorders, domestic violence and drug abuse.

CZJ talking about "eating your way to oblivion?" (See it here.) Gothamist isn't going near that one. We will, however, bring up "to zeta-jones," the memorable catch all (literally) created by Elizabeth Spiers during her Gawker reign.

Other celebrities doing PSA for Face the Issue: Halle Berry on abuse, Sarah Jessica Parker on drug abuse, Jennifer Lopez on self esteem, and Nicole Kidman on alcoholism. Since these are all actresses, yes, these PSA's are aimed at teenage girls.