If you're wondering why stretch Hummers' tinted windows seem extra black today, it's because a Sheepshead Bay prostitution ring that billed clients more than $10,000 a night has been busted. The Post reports that 17 people and 5 corporations have been indicted in the sting. The service also offered cocaine with their pricey ladies, because when you're paying 10 large a night, you better be able to act as quickly as you can.

The Brooklyn DA's office claims that the ring netted around $2 million annually, which seems somewhat low if they're charging $10K a night. For that price, you could be on a yacht with underage Urkrainians! Where's Superman with his wad of cash when you need him? Authorities say that the business escaped detection thanks to "a billing technique that concealed the nature of the purchases on clients' credit card statements," which sounds grand until you realize that "tobacco-use only" pipe shops and sex toy purveyors have been doing it for years.