Crispus Attucks Park in Clinton Hill, the park not-so-affectionately known by locals as "Prostitution Park," is finally getting some funding to clean its act up.

City Councilman Al Vann has secured $2.5 million in capital funds from the budget to renovate the park, located at Classon Ave and Fulton St. "I'm very pleased we were able to put some money in for the security back there, but also to make it more appealing and more practical," he said. You may recall that residents complained of "Prostitution, drugs, crack vials all over the place at night, people defecating on the bushes," and some locals admitted to having sex on the basketball court.

The money will allow for new lighting, a full renovation of the basketball and handball courts, fencing, and landscaping to remove the overgrowth that kept prostitutes hidden. Although the construction won't be complete for another two years, Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey said that it will be "well worth the wait."