26-year-old Brighton Beach high school teacher Alexander Kravitz was arrested this week in a Queens hotel room, where prosecutors say he hoped to make a porn video with a 14-year-old girl to whom he'd been sending salacious instant messages and graphic live webcam video of himself. But the girl did not exist—Kravitz had been communicating with an undercover detective for the last six weeks. According to 1010 Wins, he could get four years in jail if convicted of several charges. After being released on $75,000 bail, Kravitz angrily cursed reporters outside his mother's Queens home, where he resides. It's also where detectives found his porno stash, which police say included images of sex with children ranging from in age from 13 to infants. Kravitz's mother Katherine told the Daily News, "I don't believe any of it. It has to be a mistake. I've never seen any young man work so hard. I don't see how he'd even have the time."