A pair of Brooklyn teens attempted a stick up a man in Bay Ridge last month using a firearm so creaky the cops aren't even charging them with weapons possession.

According to the Post, 19-year-old Ariel Ruiz and 17-year-old Christopher Rivera employed an "old-style, long-barreled, black-powder pistol" in attempting to rob a man, who was apparently unmoved: The tabloid reports "the man refused to give up his wallet and 'cursed loudly and made gestures thinking that somebody would call 911.'"

A "police source" added that “it was more like pirate movie prop than a stick-up weapon. It didn’t even have any gunpowder.”

Having failed in their quest, the teens punched their victim in the face and tried to hide in a nearby Dunkin Donuts, still toting their decrepit weapon, which cops found them attempting to bury "behind a rack of coffee cups." Ruiz's disgusted mother told the tabloid she had no idea where her son acquired the "gun."

“No, we are a normal family. We don’t have that here," she said.

The teens were arraigned on December 5 and will be back in court today.