A Brooklyn man suing the NYPD claims he was unjustly arrested by a jealous police officer who failed to match his sexiness. Josue Pierre-Louis, 24, was driving to a friend's house on Feb. 27th when he was stopped by officers at the corner of Rockaway and Belmont Avenues in Brownsville. As he was about to give his license and registration to Detective Frank Sarrica, Pierre-Louis says an unknown woman walking by made "a cat-like, hissing sound." It seems the woman found him sexy enough to catcall him, but Pierre-Louis believes the cop was jealous and took it out on him.

"She makes this catcall sound, and [Sarrica] steps away from my vehicle, and he goes towards her with open arms, like he’s going to get her number. And she says, 'Ha! Not you. The driver,'" Pierre-Louis told the Post. When Sarrica returned to the car, the other officers were laughing at him: "The guy is heated," Pierre-Louis said. "He was like, 'You think that’s funny?' And he starts grabbing my clothing." He ended up spending 48 hours locked up at Brooklyn central booking, while everyone else walked away: "She went home to dinner. So did the two officers. Everyone got to go home except for me."

In his lawsuit, it claims Sarrica and his partner "assaulted [Pierre-Louis], forcibly dragged him from his vehicle, and falsely arrested him. Excessively tight handcuffs were applied to Mr. Pierre-Louis’s wrists." The officers hit him with false charges, including failing to signal, marijuana possession, resisting arrest, misdemeanor assault, and obstructing governmental administration. All those charges have now been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal.

"There was no marijuana in my possession at all," Pierre-Louis added. "I haven’t even the slightest clue why I was even pulled over."