Clicking through the Times online this morning, we spotted this great Flash piece all about Brooklyn demographics. We sort of remember seeing it back in June, but this time we spent some real time looking through it, and learned some interesting facts about our home borough:

1. Since 1980, Brooklyn population is up, and poverty is down.
2. The largest percentage of Brooklyn foreign-born comes from Latin America.
3. Over the last 20 years: more blacks live in East Brooklyn, more Asians live in South West Brooklyn, more Hispanics live in South East Brooklyn.
4. Italians and Irish have moved to the suburbs over the last 20 years, and have been replaced by Arabs, Africans, and Latin Americans.
5. The income gap between very rich and very poor has grown over the last 20 years.
6. Percentage of Brooklynites with college degrees is up sharply over the last 20 years.
7. Lots more authors, taxi drivers, designers, and editors. Less firemen and foremen.
8. All crime is way, way down over the last 20 years.
9. Expensive rents (>$1000) are up, way up, over the last 20 years.

Check out this data-- it's really interesting. Do you notice any trends that we missed?