The five people from the Westboro "Baptist" "Church" who picketed Brooklyn Tech yesterday were drowned out more by the hundreds of Tech students, counterprotesters, and Brooklynites chanting "We Love Jews" and shouting "Go Home" to the freaks from Topeka, who were outnumbered more than forty to one. The Times' Fort Greene blog noted that "many if not most" of the counterprotesters were students who had organized by "word of mouth and Facebook status." You do need something to do in Health class.

The Times' blog showed the Westboro group (which claims to worship a Jewish man who said "Love Your Enemies") holding signs like "YOU WILL EAT YOUR BABIES," "GOD HATES YOU," and "THE JEWS KILLED JESUS." They also held pictures of Obama labeled "THE BEAST." Earlier they had promised "double destruction" for Brooklynites who opposed them. They also picketed the Jewish Theological Seminary in Morningside Heights (pictured), where they looked as forlorn and unimportant as they truly are.

The Brooklyn Paper also reported a hate incident in Windsor Terrace, where someone sprayed "F--- Jews" on a Jewish Center's sign. The day before, someone broke into the Brooklyn Heights First Unitarian Universalist Church, scrawling, "racist, homophobic, anti-Arab, and anti-Semitic" messages along with "White Power - We Will Be Back." Why the hell are all these things happening in Brooklyn all of a sudden?

The Brooklyn Paper has a nice editorial with recommendations for how to treat the protesters tomorrow, when they will be targeting Brooklyn synagogues. Ideas include: dressing up as pirates, protesting the Alien and Sedition Acts in a John Adams outfit, and our favorite bit of randomness: "dress up as Mr. Met and wear a huge 'Kick me' sign."