walksign.jpgForty-six-year-old Maritza Suarez was run over by a cement mixer at the intersection of Morris Ave. and White Plains Rd. yesterday, in what the New York Post writes was a heroic effort to push her 17-year-old daughter out of the way of an oncoming vehicle that didn't appear to be slowing for pedestrians crossing the street. It indeed wasn't about to yield, because it struck Suarez, who was crushed underneath its wheels.

The Post reports that Suarez had a severe fear of traffic since being struck and nearly killed by a car near her home six years ago. Her sister told the Post that Maritza was paranoid about traffic and would run across intersections even if she had the walk signal. The Post also spoke to one witness who said that Lisa Suarez was across the intersection when her mother was struck by the cement mixer.

The Daily News cited a witness who said that Maritza Suarez was pushing a shopping cart through the intersection before she was hit, while other witnesses corroborated the account of a mother pushing her daughter out of harm's way. Regardless, the cement mixer did not slow down and killed the woman who was appropriately paranoid about traffic in the end.

One witness at the scene said that Lisa Suarez was screaming for the truck to stop as it struck her mother, but that it didn't appear as if the driver had any intention of doing so, "You can't come barreling around a corner with that kind of truck." Cops believe the 43-year-old driver was driving his cement mixer from the Cross Bronx Expressway to make a delivery. The News says he was not charged with a crime, while the Post says that the driver was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian. Maritza Suarez's sister said, "This was reckless and careless. That mistake just destroyed a family."