A "long-simmering beef" caused one SRO tenant named Roy to stab another tenant named Roy in the Bronx yesterday. Roy McCaster, 64, was found stabbed to death in his room, and the police arrested Roy Tabor, 45, for the murder. The police used bloodhounds (!) to track the murder weapon, an ice pick, in a garbage near the SRO. There are a number of neighbor reactions, some surprised, some cynical. The NY Times writes "Big Roy, 6 feet 2 inches tall, financed his loan sharking with his Social Security and retirement checks, charging 100 percent interest per week, and that Little Roy, a full head shorter, supported his crack habit as a hustler, running errands and cheating people out of their money." Additionally, Big Roy would show off his money to others in the building, including Little Roy. Lesson: Don't be a braggart, especially in an SRO.