2006_01_leak.jpgThe lawyer for Halloween sex attacker, Peter Braunstein, complained in court about various leaks in his client's case. Attorney Robert Gottlieb wrote, "I am disappointed and extremely frustrated by the district attorney's failure to ensure that prejudicial information solely in the possession of the District Attorney and the NYPD is not disseminated in the media...Members of law enforcement have brazenly engaged in an unauthorized and impermissible release of highly prejudicial information about allegations and evidence in this case to members of the press." Oh, please, Braunstein seems like such a gloryhound, we're thinking he might have leaked parts of the story to the press himself. And how much is the NYPD or DA's office supposed to withhold, if they are trying to contact the public to keep them on their toes about a criminal? Gottlieb wants a gag order on the case and for the DA's office to investigate the leaks, and the DA Robert Morgenthau's response should be pretty interesting.

The Post gleefully points out that Gottlieb specified only Post stories.