Beer-swillers, rejoice: Rheingold Brewery is opening a plant in Fort Greene, at the Greenpoint Beer Works. Rheingold had been in the local news lately, after Mayor Bloomberg criticized their new campaign which poked fun at some of the Bloomberg administration rules (like "No smoking in bars"). Bloomberg pointed out that Rheingold left Brooklyn 30 years earlier (their main brewery is now in White Plains), but Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz forgives Rheingold with a "forget about it." Rheingold says that the ads have helped sales stay up more than 100% over last year.

While it's great that business will be back in Brooklyn, let's not forget the Brooklyn Brewery, who brought brewing back in 1984. They have happy hours on Fridays and free tours with samplings on Saturdays - always good fun. And while it's not totally on topic, the discussion of brewing beer in Brooklyn got us thinking about that Times article yesterday about NYC water not being kosher. A kosher beer discussion on Chowhound.