current temperatures via weather bonk

Today is all about the rainfall. A half-inch has already fallen from today's storm and that's just the beginning. We can expect that rain to continue throughout the day. The most intense rain should occur this afternoon. If you were hoping to see Mercury's transit of the sun you'll have to wait until May 2016. One to two inches more rain is expected before this evening.

Our reward for all this rain? Once the storm moves out we will have a couple of unseasonably warm days. Tomorrow's high temperature will be around 70 degrees. Friday won't be quite as warm but it will be mostly sunny.

Gothamist has recently become aware of Weather Bonk, which is the weather mash-up of weather mash-ups. (Can we still say mash-up?). The site uses Google Maps to display real-time temperatures from National Weather Service locations as well as observations from WeatherBug. You can choose the traditional Google Maps backgrounds or a weather radar background. Ironically, the latter is a poor choice when it is raining as the radar imagery covers up any geographic reference points and location labels. Along with local web cams and a climatological summary of a location, Weather Bonk also lets you view the Weather Service, Weather Channel and AccuWeather forecasts in one space. We do have a minor peeve with how the do so. Search for New York City and it returns a forecast for Hoboken. Sure, the forecast is the same but… Hoboken? The indignity! The site has been around for a year and last month they released a beta of their next version which, to Gothamist, looked exactly like their current version. Has anybody seen similar sites?

Current temperatures from Weather Bonk.