A former NYPD detective says his post-retirement gig as a bodyguard for a prominent Manhattan lawyer was totally pervfect. According to an "exclusive" in the Post, retired detective John Brandt is suing attorney Roy Adams, 70 for unspecified damages "related to his alleged bizarre, 18-month stint as the lawyer's security chief and driver." Brandt says Adams lured him away from the NYPD with the promise of the same pay he received as detective ($130,000). And as an added bonus, Brandt got to see Adams naked and watching porn when he picked up him at his home, the lawsuit alleges.

"I got to the point where I just couldn't do it anymore," says Brandt, a father of two who resides in Floral Park, LI. Brandt says he was disturbed to find Adams's apartment decorated with paintings and pictures of nude men, and that besides the naked porn-watching incident—which happened on one of his first days—he says Adams also groped him. But Brandt stuck with it for a year and a half, and claims a group of young Latino men were always hanging around the apartment to provide "round-the-clock personal services."

So besides Brandt's allegation that Adams fondled him, here's where we come to something that might actually be seriously illegal: One of Brandt's regular duties, according to the lawsuit, was to hand over a large envelope of cash to the young men, whom Adams referred to as "The Boys." Brandt alleges that the money came from the nonprofit group Adams heads up, the Fund for Children of the Americas, which assists orphans in Latin America. Adams's lawyer tells the Post, "What you have here is a disgruntled former employee who is simply seeking money."