Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced his plans for massive education reform at the "Education Summit," which included making teacher tenure merit-based. A statement from the Mayor's office said, "Beginning this year, only teachers rated “effective” or “highly effective” will be eligible for tenure. This will transform the tenure system from one in which tenure is taken for granted, to one in which it must be earned through effective performance in the classroom." Now, Bloomberg is elaborating on the idea.

In a half-hour long speech at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant yesterday (even Bloomberg is guilty), Bloomberg said tenure-for-life "just has to stop. There are some (teachers) that just aren't the best. We will make sure teachers show they're the best." Tenure would be rewarded only after a teacher has improved student performance for two consecutive years, and would be available only to teachers ranked "effective" or "highly effective." He then congratulated the church on their commitment to SAT tutoring, and mentioned how he once got a D in French. He reportedly left before the service was over, which we've already been told is a big no-no.