This morning, Mayor Bloomberg did a meet-and-greet commuters, but it was at a Metro-North train station in Connecticut! He was in Stamford to help Senator Joe Lieberman's re-election campaign. Mayor B said, ''I think the voters of Connecticut understand they need proven independent leadership. Joe Lieberman provides that. I think people of all parties are just tired of the political bickering.''

You have to be impressed with Bloomberg's faith in Joe: He's stumped for the incumbent in Chicago, he's loaning his own re-election team to Lieberman, and is having a fundraiser for him in the city this week. But will Connecticut voters think, "Hey, Mike likes him, I'll vote for Joe again, then!"?

Lieberman is leading Democratic candidate Ned Lamont by the double digits, according to the AP. And Hizzoner also said once again he was't thinking about running for president in 2008. Yeah, let's see what he says when both frontrunners in the Democratic and Republican parties start to emerge next year.

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Lieberman meeting Connecticut commuters by Douglas Healey/AP