New Jersey residents are no strangers to controversial Halloween displays—hanging babies were all the rave last year—so it takes a little more than your run-of-the-mill pumpkin massacre or racist Obama display to rouse raised eyebrows. One Butler, NJ resident has done just that with his own spooky display: the bloody ISIS-themed torture-centric frieze you see above.

In addition to a ISIS member with machete, there is a hanging figure meant to be a US soldier and a a man in a cage meant to be a tortured ISIS captive. Homeowner Bill D'Catt was pretty nonchalant about the display when asked by CBS: "We choose to be on the spookier side of Halloween," D'Catt said. "You know what's scarier than this thing? The real ISIS."

His neighbors were not so amused: "It really created a huge uproar," said Barbara Victor. "I thought this was an anti-American scene here." Victor might have thought that since initially, the display also included a figure representing Obama. D'Catt apparently thought that did cross a line, since he has removed it: "I think it was a momentary kind of, 'Let’s put the mask on him,' and then the mask came off."

"This is an anti-ISIS setup here. In no way is it meant to put down America in any sort of way," D’Catt added. He has reportedly taken the display down for now, but promises to put it back up for Halloween, as to make sure children around his neighborhood aren't able to enjoy the simple pleasures of spooky Halloween scares without a dose of real-life terror.