2006_08_javits.jpgAs Mayor Bloomberg tries to solidify his plans to really develop the West Side, he and Senator Charles Schumer are proposing that the first two phases of the planned Javits Center expansion would be combined, which in turn would make the expansion $600 million more expensive. The only question is, who will pay that extra $600 million. This is part of the NY Times article is great:

Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday that the city would put up $200 million, or one-third, of its estimate for the second phase. But officials and industry executives said that the city may have underestimated the cost of the project; architects and engineers have not put together any serious drawings or plans.

D'oh! The hotel industry, which is footing some of the cost, doesn't want to pay more, and the state probably won't want to kick in anymore either. While efficiencies is doing both phases at once are being argued (more convention space sooner, etc), it's still unclear where the overall plan is in terms of gaining approval. The Javits expansion seems like the sleeping giant in all the new developments - the Atlantic Yards affects more of a residential population, but the Javits Center is a big bet about how business can grow in Manhattan - and it's part of the emerging "SoHell."

Here's the Javits Center website. And the city's tourist arm, NYC Visit, is all over supporting the expansion (shock!).