This morning yet another NYC family made the unsettling discovery that a snake had slithered into their apartment. (That's right, another—previously on home snake invasions: "Mom, there's a Boa in the couch!" and "Honey, there's a python in the pipes!") Maria Dominguez, a 37-year-old flower shop worker and mother of three, spotted the five-foot long, tan-colored snake (not pictured) under a living room table around 7 a.m. today. She tells the Daily News, "I don't know how it got there. I woke up, and the snake was just there." Dominguez herded the kids into a bedroom and called 911, which dispatched Emergency Services Unit cops to take the snake into custody. They managed to trap it with a broom and a plastic bag, and gave it over to Animal Care and Control, which is testing to see if it's venomous. The crisis was over in about an hour, and it's not known where the snake came from or how it got in. But Dominguez says "I want to move now," which suggests the work of a disgruntled neighbor who's just sick of her noisy kids.