The big protest march organized by United for Peace and Justice has its swelling mass of people heading around Madison Square Garden, where convention preparations are underway. Rabblerouser and USA Today guest columnist Michael Moore is marching near the front with Rev. Jesse Jackson and UPJ's Leslie Cagan, and CNN showed actor Danny Glover also in the crowd; Glover was arrested earlier this week during a protest in Washington D.C. about humanitarian efforts in Sudan. If you're not on the streets, you can see glimpses of the march on CNN, or you can check it out through WNBC, which has live video feeds of the march that you can access via their site. Note to NBC: The Olympics are a great world event, but we hate how we missed Meet the Press, with Rudy Giuliani followed by Hillary Clinton, because of rhythmic gymnastics coverage. Luckily, it repeats at 10PM on CNBC. And the transcript is available (thanks, transcribers!).

The NY Times reports that there were small protests yesterday, including one the Central Park, where people stood on top of garbage bags - to protect the lawn. Now, that's humor.