We were reading Transportation Alternatives executive director Paul Steely White's column am New York and found out that this Thursday, there's a vigil ride to honor bike riders who have died in traffic accidents. It starts at 8AM at Fifth Avenue and Warren Street in Brooklyn and ends at City Hall at 9AM, with different groups asking Mayor Bloomberg to convene a task force to examine bicylist safety and past deaths. Some other interesting facts on White's article were that based on the bicyclist fatalities since 1995, an average of one bicyclist is killed every three weeks, and two recent bicyclist deaths (including last week's in Park Slope) have been along the city's "recommended bike routes." While some of the initiatives the alliance of bike groups would like the city to undertake are very idealized (for instance, 15 MPH streets), but you laugh too much, Gothamist thinks if more drivers understand about bicyclists' rights, maybe they'll consider pedestrian rights as well.

Transportation Alternatives on some things you can do to ensure better biking in the city; plus the TA's campaigns for bicycle advocacy and pedestrian advocacy.