After news that a member of the NYPD's K9 unit was injured—two broken teeth, two chipped teeth and a scuffed snout—during a situation on a subway platform, reporters and cops alike flocked to check out the wounded canine. Bear, the 6-year-old German shepherd partner of Police Officer Vincent Tieniber, patiently posed for photographs. The NY Times reports, "Bear stoically bore the regular tugs at his jowls as camera operators and inquisitive fellow officers leaned down to get a look at his cracked canine teeth." And Tieniber declared, "He's fine. He's back to acting like a typical dog."

Tieniber and Bear were on the southbound 4 train platform at 59th Street and Lexington earlier this week helping out another transit officer trying to quell a group of women fighting. However, the alleged attacker, Ravenia Matos-Davis, ended up kicking Bear in the face twice. Tieniber was surprised, "Ninety-nine percent of the time, when we come to the scene, people cooperate. No one really wants to be bit by a dog." He added, "He was barking because she was very loud. When an individual escalates, a dog will escalate with her. They pretty much go on autopilot when there is a threatening situation. They handle it themselves."

Matos-Davis, 22, was charged with injuring a police animal, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. As for Bear, he's getting his teeth capped and will just relax. Tieniber said, "At home he’s just like any other dog, hangs around, chews his toy, plays with kids"—Tieniber has two young children, ages 3 and 6—"But at work. he watches my back, and I watch his. That’s pretty much the same with any K-9 handler around the world.”