Here's a Williamsburg real estate story to end all Williamburg real estate stories: Hip used clothing purveyor Beacon's Closet has been priced out of its North 11th Street storefront, where it has resided for eleven years. Like so many before it, the business will head north to Greenpoint, where it will probably enjoy another three years before being forced to move to Bushwick, until they're priced out and forced to move to ProCro before finally relocating to Beacon.

"It seems like a lot of landlords are assigning arbitrary pricing to their spaces and just waiting to see what big fish or national chain will come and take the bait," Beacon's founder Carrie Peterson told Crain's.

But wait! The new inhabitant of the space won't be a Chase Bank or even an Urban Outfitters Lifestyle Center (Williamsburg deserves at least two, after all): It will be the expanded headquarters of Vice magazine, which flies in the face of everything we thought we knew about the media industry—can the publication really afford to pony up the $60 per-square-foot rent? With Rupert Murdoch, the sky's the limit.

Beacon's Closet, meanwhile, will make its new home at 74 Guernsey Street, and you can continue to shop at the store's Park Slope and West Village locations—just be sure to mind any mysterious sliding shoe boxes in the changing room.