It's not as gratifying as writing "Poop Sex" on the memo line of checks to the cable company, but it's certainly much more meaningful: Time Warner Cable announced that it lost 306,000 of its TV customers in the 3rd quarter, thanks in part to the CBS blackout that ended last month.

Let the giants kill themselves! you cackle, as your 15 Expert Ficus Pruning Tips video buffers and buffers some more. Let them kneel before the cool waters of patronage—bind their hands, do not let them taste! Let their chapped lips shrivel and crack!

But no. Time Warner will be just fine. Despite the loss of TV subscribers (there are 11.7 million of them) the company's profits rose 2.9% last quarter. They will continue to fight with broadcasters because such fights are necessary when you are a comfortable monopoly. Broadband revenue is up up up because grinding your teeth is more painful than opening your wallet.

And yes, they will raise fees some more (they do not hide this!). You will protest the disappearance of your red stapler but you will not burn down the building.

Save us...other monolithic corporation!