atlantic water vapor image At 3:42 yesterday afternoon Central Park recorded a temperature of 84 degrees, our high for the day. ABC 7 was right on! As for today and this weekend: think sticky. It looks like it will be warm and humid with a chance of showers and thundershowers on Saturday and Sunday.

It is hurricane season and the tropics are beginning to show signs of life weatherwise with the possibility of tropical depressions forming in the Gulf of Mexico and east of the Bahamas. It is too early to tell but this morning's local forecast discussion from the Weather Service says "…potential trouble lurks east of the Bahamas" and the National Hurricane Center tropical discussion is saying that the system "APPEARS TO BE SLOWLY BECOMING BETTER ORGANIZED AND HAS THE POTENTIAL OF BECOMING A TROPICAL DEPRESSION" (Gothamist isn't being alarmist, the NHC use all caps in their discussion). We may be getting some rain from the storm early next week.