092208batbeat.jpgOne suspect has turned himself in to police in the Bronx in connection with the brutal beating of Pelagio De La Cruz, a Boston-area radio talk show host who was visiting his children in University Heights. Police say relatives convinced 20-year-old Gavin Scott to turn himself over to police last night after a widely-circulated surveillance tape showed an unidentified assailant who accompanied Scott savagely beating De La Cruz seven times with a bat outside his daughter's building on September 14th. Police say Scott and his accomplice were driving around looking for someone to mug when they spotted De La Cruz, who is still in critical condition. His daughter tells WCBS: "If you're going to rob somebody, how come you have to hit him until he dies, because he almost died…they just took a bat and they just hit him in the face, over and over again." Scott has been charged with attempted murder and robbery.