An alligator that was spotted in a Queens park has been captured. A fisherman who noticed the animal told WABC 7, "Thought it was a rat at first. The closer I looked, I realized it was a gator."

The alligator, which is apparently a two feet long "immature American alligator," has been in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park's Meadow Lake for weeks. DNAinfo reported, "Emergency officials searched a small body of water next to the Van Wyck Expressway Monday hoping to capture the elusive Flushing Meadows-Corona Park alligator — which has been trolling the park since August. Divers from the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit swam through the water, near Meadow Lake, following reports of a reptile swimming near its edges, an NYPD spokesman said."

Joe Genovese, who first saw the reptile, said, "I'll catch him if they don't catch him, there's no doubt about it. The best chance of getting it is by snagging it. You won't hurt it. Snag it by the tail, bring it in." He also explained how the alligator likely got there: "A lot of people bring 'em up as pets, then dump them. They eat everything in the pond the native fish, the birds."

When the police got the alligator, they taped its mouth. We'll wait patiently for NYPD Special Ops to Tweet pictures.