Police have caught the man accused of threatening a teenaged boy at a Manhattan subway station—while he was wearing a clown mask—and charged him with menacing. But the clown in question maintains it was just a "misunderstanding."

Performer Tom Smith turned himself into police yesterday, saying the whole incident was overblown. A 16-year-old boy had told cops he was trying to exit a northbound 6 train at the 96th Street station on Lexington Avenue on October 5th at about 1:55 p.m. when a belligerent man in a clown mask blocked the door. According to the NYPD: "The victim and the unidentified male made physical contact as the victim stepped onto the platform. As the victim continued to exit the station, he turned around and noticed the male approaching him while displaying a knife. The victim continued to exit the station running to the street when the unidentified male fled to parts unknown."

Police then released surveillance footage and images of the suspect, who was not wearing a mask at the time, but does appear to be wearing some sort of clown costume.

After seeing his image, Smith contacted the police (and WCBS 2) went to the 19th Precinct. He told the news station that he was being railroaded because of rampant, contagious Clown Fear. "I’m just going to make a brief statement," Smith told WCBS 2. "I do want to go in and straighten this out."

Smith was given a ticket and will be in court at a later date.