7th Avenue No. 1 by CircularRuins on Flickr

We hate to state the obvious but that was a lot of rain. Three-and-a-third inches of rain, which is nearly a December's worth, fell since Wednesday. Had it been only a few degrees cooler much of the precipitation would have fallen as snow. How much snow? Assume a typical 10:1 snow-to-rain ratio and it works out to nearly three feet.

The cold front that brought the rain has passed, the low pressure system to which the front is attached is zipping from new England to Canada, and we should have a dry weekend.

A high pressure system is following close on the heels of the storm. Clouds will quickly diminish today as dry air arrives. Today's high was 42 degrees. At best the thermometer will hold steady for a few more hours. More likely the winds will pick up and a gradual cooling will take place until tomorrow morning. A chilly, windy day is in store for Saturday but, hey, the sun will be out so we won't be complaining. Tomorrow's high will be lucky to reach the freezing mark. More sun, and warming, is in store for Sunday and Monday. The high Sunday will be in the mid 40s and Monday may see a, brief, return to the 50s.